The Vieux Cordelier Translation Project!

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This is a community for producing some sort of translation of Camille Desmoulins' Le Vieux Cordelier, a revolutionary journal in seven issues written shortly before his death in 1794. It may sound an unlikely sort of project, which it is, but I figured - why not give it a shot?

Anyone is welcome to join! People with an interest in/obsession with the French Revolution and/or Camille Desmoulins, people with a more general interest in history or politics, people interested in French, people who can speak French fluently (...please do join!), people who speak a teeny bit of French, people who want to learn more French, people who, uh, like translating stuff? Like, in particular 18th century political stuff with literary ambitions? XDD

More community info is to be found ici...

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